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Satwest Corporate


Satwest is a mobile satellite services and space communications company founded in 1999. Our products and services allow our world class customer base to communicate when few or no communications means are available (such as in space, on aircraft, and for business continuity after natural or man-made disasters).

Satwest is an established leader in the mobile satellite services industry, providing solutions to customers in multiple industries including space & aviation, oil & gas, utilities, military and security agencies, federal, state, and local governments, adventure travelers, and emergency response. Satwest is a service provider for all the major commercial satellite communications networks including Iridium, Globalstar, Thuraya, and Inmarsat. Satwest specializes in providing voice, on-board internet, and web-based tracking solutions for business and government aircraft, unmanned aerial systems and spacecraft. Satwest is also the leading distributor of Solstar portable solar chargers for satellite phones and computers.

Satwest is a recognized leader in the development of the emerging commercial, suborbital spaceflight industry and is pioneering the development of communications in space via commercial communications satellite networks. Satwest’s customers include NASA, the FAA, and commercial spacecraft companies. Satwest is located in close proximity to Spaceport America located in southern New Mexico, where it carries out much of its space research and development.