Automated Flight Following - AFF Compliance

Automated Flight Following SkyNode KitSatWest is proud to provide equipment and service that is fully compliant with all requirements set forth by the US Forest Service for contractors and goverment projects that require Automated Flight Following (AFF). Please see the government web site for more information.

All SkyNode products offered by SatWest are fully comply with the governments requirements:

    SkyNode Tracker (SDT-200)

    SkyNode Voice and Tracker (SVT-200)

    SkyNode S200 Tracker Kit (S200K)

    SkyNode S200 Tracker Kit with Voice (S200KV)

Service is provided by Iridium and includes the Sentinel Mapping Services. Each report from the aircraft includes flight details that can be scheduled on a periodic, polled, or event-driven process.

Automated Flight Following Sentinel Mapping

Certification of SkyNode Products

Latitude Technologies Corporation (LTC) SkyNode family of Intelligent controller, Satcom products and data networking services, meet or exceed the specified contractual requirements set out for Automated Flight Following (AFF) purposes as defined in the "Current AFF Contract Specifications 01-31-2005" document titled: Certification and Accreditation Criteria, Specification Section Supplement, sections 1 – 3, dated 01/31/2005, provided that all LTC products and services are installed and maintained in accordance with up to date LTC published User Manuals, Guides, Application firmware, and Service Bulletins.

More Information
If you would like to find out more about how SatWest can solve your Automated Flight Following (AFF) requirements please email us or call 1-505-255-2499.

See our overview about Automated Flight Following.